Mobile Growing Rooms


Learn About Our Plug-and-Play Mobile Grow Pods

With a portable grow room you get the benefits of a fixed grow space with less of the cost. Moving your operation or closing it down is simple with a GrowPodCo container. No costly lease get out’s or wasted fit-outs, your Growpodco container can be sold and all the permits go with it.

Financing is also available to get you up and growing quickly.

20′ Shipping Container

20' Growing Shipping Container

The 20 footer is a refurbished container that comes finished in exterior super-paint by Sherwin Williams.

Pricing Starts at $25,000.00


  • 20′ long
  • 8′ wide
  • 8.6′ tall

40′ Shipping Container

40' Growing Shipping Container

The 40 footer has all of the same features as the 20′ model but affords you additional growing space.

Pricing Starts at $55,000.00


  • 40′ long
  • 8′ wide
  • 9′ tall

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Key Features

Your grow operation can be more cost effective with a GrowPodCo portable grow room.

  • HVAC – 3 ton LG mini split system with remote control.
  • 240 volt electrical system – 60 amp with exterior system disconnect and 20 feet of #4X 4 wire connection cable.
  • 220v outlets connected to time clock plus general purpose 110v outlets for fans and other use.
  • Maximum 5 x 1000 watts high pressure sodium, manufactured by Gavita, with double ended bulbs. And 2 x T5 lights for vegetation area.
  • 2″ Polyiso core insulated walls with aluminum outer barrier and 1/2″ Dow blue foam flooring insulation.
  • 2 Tank CO2 system.
  • 18″ x 24″ utility sink with cold water only tap. and garden hose connections on interior and exterior in line connector.
  • Super strut overhead system to support lights, cables, etc.
  • EPDM rubber membrane ( black). 100% Waterproof flooring.

Why A Mobile Pod?


  • Plug and Play: A growing facility that is ready to produce on delivery.
  • Modular so that you can configure 2 or more containers to separate nurseries from maturing plants and that they can be stacked in a multi-purpose warehouse.
  • Insulated and Automated: Comes insulated for outdoor growing in all seasons with temperature control.
  • No Building Permits: It’s Non-Permanent Equipment.
  • It’s Relocatable: Zonings and laws change, partnerships change – stay flexible.
  • Resellable: Your GrowPodCo pod will be available to resell if circumstances change – not as scrap or excess equipment, but as a fully functional mobile grow business.

Grow Pod Options


  • Multiple unit configurations
  • Exterior paint – can be left unpainted or choice of colors
  • Insulation – option to leave uninsulated for indoor use – check for cost reductions.
  • Lights packages – HPS, LED, 315W CDL Agro lamps or combos.
  • Interior partitions (custom designs available)
  • White Fibre Reinforced Plastic (RFP) panels for floor

All options are priced separately.