Mobile Growing Rooms


Learn About Our Plug-And-Play Mobile Grow Pods

With a portable grow room you get the benefits of a fixed grow space with less of the cost. Moving your operation or closing it down is simple with a GrowPodCo container. No costly lease get out’s or wasted fit-outs, your Growpodco container can be sold and all the permits go with it.

20′ Shipping Container

20' Growing Shipping Container

The 20 footer is a refurbished container that comes finished in exterior super-paint by Sherwin Williams.

Pricing Starts at $25,000.00


  • 20′ long
  • 8′ wide
  • 8.6′ tall

40′ Shipping Container

40' Growing Shipping Container

The 40 footer has all of the same features the 20′ model has but affords you additional growing space.

Pricing Starts at $45,000.00


  • 40′ long
  • 8′ wide
  • 9′ tall

Mobile Growing Trailer

53 ft grow trailer

These trailers are configured the same as the other models but give you the added benefit of more mobility.

Pricing Starts at $35,000.00


  • 53′ Long
  • 102 3/8″ Wide
  • 13’6″ Tall
  • 36″ Coupler Height
External Specs:

  • Roll Door
  • Tri-Axle Tandem Slide Suspension
  • Steel Wheels

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Key Features

Your grow operation can be more cost effective with a GrowPodCo portable grow room.

  • HVAC – 3 ton LG mini split system with remote control.
  • 240 volt electrical system – 60 amp with exterior system disconnect and 20 feet of #4X 4 wire connection cable.
  • 220v outlets connected to time clock plus general purpose 110v outlets for fans and other use.
  • Maximum 5 x 1000 watts high pressure sodium, manufactured by Gavita, with double ended bulbs. And 2 x T5 lights for vegetation area.
  • 2″ Polyiso core insulated walls with aluminum outer barrier and 1/2″ Dow blue foam flooring insulation.
  • 2 Tank CO2 system.
  • 18″ x 24″ utility sink with cold water only tap. and garden hose connections on interior and exterior in line connector.
  • Super strut overhead system to support lights, cables, etc.
  • EPDM rubber membrane ( black). 100% Waterproof.

FAQ’s – Why A Mobile Pod?


  • Plug and Play: A growing facility that is ready to produce on delivery.
  • Modular so that you can configure 2 or more containers to separate nurseries from maturing plants and that they can be stacked in a multi-purpose warehouse.
  • Insulated and Automated: Comes insulated for outdoor growing in all seasons with temperature control.
  • No Building Permits: It’s Non-Permanent Equipment.
  • It’s Relocatable: Zonings and laws change, partnerships change – stay flexible.
  • Resellable: Your GrowPodCo pod will be available to resell if circumstances change – not as scrap or excess equipment, but as a fully functional mobile grow business.

Grow Pod and Mobile Trailer Options


  • Multiple unit configurations
  • Exterior paint – can be left unpainted or choice of colors
  • Insulation – option to leave uninsulated for indoor use – check for cost reductions.
  • Lights packages – HPS, LED or combos.
  • Interior partitions (custom designs available)
  • White Fibre Reinforced Plastic (RFP) panels for floor

All options are priced separately.